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Teste Seu Inglês

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Situation 1. Ann and Tomas are at a coffee shop. They`re talking when Yoshi comes in.

1-) _____ are meeting for the first time.

Situation 2. Rick and Sharon are at a restaurant.

2-) Sharon _______.

Situation 3. Sven calls Marcos`s home. Marcos`s roommate answers the telephone.

3-) Marcos _________.

Situation 4. A reporter is giving today`s weather forecast.

4-) It`s hot and dry in_____.

5-) In Miami, it will be _____.

Situation 5. Dom calls Phil about playing golf.

6-) Phil can`t play golf tomorrow afternoon because he ______.

7-) They`re going to _______.

Situation 6. Sherry and Jill are both going on summer vacations with their families. They are talking their plans.

8-) Jill and her family usually _______.

9-) Sherry wishes she had time to ____.

Situation 7. Melanie is talking to George about her laptop computer.

10-) Melanie is angry because_____.

11-) Carol ________.

12-) George doesn`t usually lend things because _________.

Situation 8. Henry and Gloria are talking about their trips abroad.

13-) Henry went to Mexico _______.

14-) Henry says he “would have liked to have seen Brazil.” He means that he _________.

15-) Gloria went to Poland because _____.

16-) Dottie______.

Situation 9. Barbara and Eddie are talking about their new jobs.

17-) Before Eddie began his job at Delaney’s, he had already ________.

18-) At Delaney’s, Eddie works______.

19-) Barbara always wanted to ______.

20-) Barbara _______.